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Be self-sufficient on your next camping or driving adventure with REDARC’s range of fixed solar panels for 4WD cars, vehicles and caravans. Designed to complement your current battery charging system, these 4wd solar panals can either be temporarily or permanently mounted to the top of your caravan, RV or camper-trailer.

Fixed solar panels for 4WD, caravans & more

REDARC’s fixed solar panels are high-quality, monocrystalline solar panels designed to capture solar energy and keep your batteries charged throughout the day. They are also designed with the rugged terrain in mind and are able to withstand any harsh conditions and extreme weather; not to mention, they’re a fantastic alternative or addition to our portable solar panels. The double channel aluminium frame creates a strong setting for the solar panels, and the tempered glass coating provides extra protection from the elements.

Next generation solar range

Suitable for more permanent installations and perfect for the seasoned adventurer or self-confessed grey nomad, fixed solar panels are typically found in arrays on the roof of caravans, RVs, motorhomes as well as camper trailers and 4×4 vehicles. REDARC’s fixed panels are both smaller and up to 21% lighter than their previous generation due to improved cell efficiency.

Available in a range of sizes and capacities, they’re designed to maximise the roof space available on any given vehicle.